HSA Parent Ambassadors help keep you informed on the happenings in our OLMC Community! 

Have an idea for an event or fundraiser? Need more information on an upcoming event? Reach out to your Class' Ambassador for help!

Interested in volunteering or becoming an Ambassador? Reach out to Chris & Laure Mancini at 203-233-1970 or hsa@mtcarmelschool.net

2021-2022 HSA Parent Ambassadors

Pre-K 3: Paula Mercier

Pre-K 4: Ashley DiNino

Kindergarten: Steve Miele, Lisa Oliveira, Chris & Laure Mancini

1st Grade: Lori Bertolini & Ashley DiNino

2nd Grade: Paula MercierAnn Porter Smith & Carolina Smith

3rd Grade: Megan Drewry, Tanya Grant, Dawn Marques & Kristen Rachuba

4th Grade: Kendra Ayles, Teri Brunelli, Chris & Laure Mancini

5th Grade: Ashley DiNino, Shannon DosSantos & Tanya Grant

6th Grade: Teri Brunelli

7th Grade: Karen Egan

8th Grade: Sheila Dardis, Shannon DosSantos & Stephanie Laribee