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Gift Card Program 

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GIFT CARD PROGRAM...and how it can work for you  

This is probably the easiest way to work off your assessment. Many families have worked off their entire assessment with just this program! Once you get into a routine with using this program, it is the easiest fundraiser you can ever take part in!!

Beginning in mid-September, a manila envelope with an order form will arrive home every Wednesday with your oldest child. When ordering, please send your manila envelope back with your oldest child on Thursday mornings. Your orders will be processed on Thursday morning and your gift cards will be sent home on Thursday afternoon with your oldest child. When ordering, please remember to fill out the entire order form. Make your checks payable to OLMC and send the manila envelope back in on Thursday mornings. We cannot accept cash. If you choose not to place an order on a particular week, still turn in your manila envelope and it will be returned to you the following Wednesday afternoon.

This program will run weekly until the end of April. We may miss a week or two throughout the holiday season and/or due to school closure or inclement weather.  In the event that school is canceled or has a late start on a Thursday, we will not be able to process due to our own work schedules.  In that case, please hold your envelope for the following Thursday when we will resume.  If school is called off on a Wednesday due to inclement weather, we will still be processing on Thursday morning unless there is a late start on Thursday, then we will not.  If your envelope does not come home to you on Wednesday, you can still send your order in a regular envelope addressed to the Gift Card Program including your check, your child’s first and last name, their grade, order amount, store desired, and what denominations you prefer. We will process your order just the same.  If you forget to send in your envelope on Thursday, please hold onto it until the following Thursday as we are not available to process on any other day but Thursdays. 

Please remind your child that they are to hand in the envelope on Thursday mornings and to bring home the gift cards on Thursday afternoon. In the past, we have had many episodes of children leaving gift cards in their desks at school. If you don’t receive your gift cards on Thursday afternoon, have your child check their desk on Friday morning and also ask their teacher if gift cards were handed out.  After these steps are taken, if you still have not received your gift cards, please call Lisa Famiglietti at (203) 757-6974.

The stores that participate in this fundraiser are listed below with the percentage for each store that you will be credited on your assessment.  They are:

Stop&Shop – 5%     ShopRite  - 5%         Big Y – 5%        LaBonnes – 5%     

The cashiers in these stores are very familiar with this fundraiser and are aware that many people will be coming through with gift cards to purchase their groceries as there are many schools in the area that participate in this fundraiser with thousands of dollars being sold weekly.  For Peapod users, Peapod accepts gift cards. Don’t forget that you can also use Stop &Shop gift cards to buy gas at their pumps.

Here’s an example of how the program works. If you buy $200 per week in Stop&Shop gift cards, you will earn $10 (5% of $200) a week towards your assessment.  Multiply that by approximately 30 weeks and you will have earned $300 towards your assessment by just doing your grocery shopping!!! You can also ask family members to purchase them which will also go towards your assessment.  How easy is that!!

We have had many families participate in this fundraiser throughout the years and have processed hundreds of thousands of dollars without 100% participation.  We are aiming for 100% participation this year!!!   Please help us meet that goal.  Work off your assessment just by doing your grocery shopping!!!

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Famiglietti.