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Curriculum Overview



Most of the assessments done in Kindergarten are informal and individual.  Progress is monitored by the teacher and communicated to the parents via parent conferences.

Report cards are issued three times a year. 


GRADES 1 - 3:

Report cards will be sent home three times during the school year.


GRADES 4 - 8:

Progress Report Cards:  Progress Report cards are sent home three times a year. They are sent home in the middle of a marking period. This gives parents/guardians a chance to see how their child is performing in school.

Letter grades will be given for academic achievement major subjects.  The numerical averages earned will be based upon daily work, tests, andhomework.

Grades for Report Cards grades 4-8

A+       100-98

B+        89-87  

C+        79-77

D         69-65

A         97-94

B          86-83

C          76-73

F          Below 65

A-        93-90

B-        82-80

C-        72-70






For all grade levels, Health, Art, Music, Handwriting, PhysicalEducation, and Computer Education will be graded as follows:

O- Outstanding

S- Satisfactory

U- Unsatisfactory