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To contact our school nurse, Louise Carlozzi, please call the school at 203-755-6809 or you can email her at louise.carlozzi@mtcarmelschool.net

The city of Waterbury provides us with a nurse.  Our nurse is responsible for the physical well-being of our children.  She gathers medical information on all students and is responsible for all medications given out in school.  She is a very intricate part of our school.

Children entering PreK and Kindergarten:

Please see requirements for all children entering PreK Program and Kindergarten.

There are medical forms required for entry into PreK.  You can download here or pick up at the nurses office at OLMC. 

There are medical forms required for entry into Kindergarten.  You can download here or pick up at the nurses office at OLMC.

Children in 6th Grade prior to entering 7th Grade:

Please see requirements for all children in 6th Grade prior to entering 7th Grade. 

A physical is required during 6th Grade for entry into 7th Grade. You can download this form here.

Children playing sports for OLMC in 4th Grade and over:

Medical forms for all other grades are not required unless your child is playing a sport.  You can download this form here or picked up at the nurse's office at OLMC School.  

A parent permission form is also required. That form can be downloaded here. 

Administering medications in school: 

If your child will need to take medications during the school day, a Medication Authorization Form needs to be filled out by the child's physician and signed by the parent.  OLMC Medication Policy can be downloaded here with more information regarding taking medications in school. 

Student Heath Questionnaire Form should be filled out annually for all returning students to be kept on file in the Nurse's Office.  This form can be downloaded here.