With funds raised through the Spirit Stick program, we have been able to provide incentive sticks to the OLMC staff.  Through good behavior and trying their best, your student can earn exclusive Spirit Sticks that are not available for sale.

What are Spirit Sticks?

Spirit Sticks® are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on a Spirit Ring™.

Spirit Sticks® promote school spirit and participation by providing meaningful extrinsic rewards with lasting value, beyond the school year.


Spirit Monkey is the name of the company that provides the Spirit Sticks. These products enrich the educational experience by acknowledging:


Student Recognition


Participation Awards


Volunteer Recognition


Incentives and Awards




Clubs and Activities


 Good Character



 How does it work?

ØEach student at OLMC will receive their own Spirit Ring.  We have the rings for sale for $5.00 if any family members would like to buy one. 

ØThere will be Spirit Sticks for sale throughout the school year for $1.00 each.

ØThe Mother’s club will supply the OLMC staff Spirit Sticks to hand out to their students as rewards or encouragement.

ØMr. Tavares will have his own stock as well to hand out as Character Awards and Principal Awards.

ØStudents may purchase spirit sticks for themselves or to give as a gift to another student or teacher.

ØAll of the proceeds the Mother’s Club receives from Spirit Stick sales go towards the purchase Spirit Sticks that the Principal and staff will hand out to the students. 


How can parents get involved?

ØParents can help their students get their spirit ring attached onto their backpacks.

ØParents can remind their children that all of the teachers and staff at OLMC have spirit sticks to reward and award all the students for good behavior and a job well done.

ØParents can encourage their children to earn money at home to purchase spirit sticks and /or give their children money to purchase spirit sticks for themselves, their friends or their loved ones.

ØParents can always volunteer to help with spirit stick sale days and become a member of the Mother’s Club/Father’s Club or Home School Association.

ØParents can watch for the start of the Birthday Gram Spirit Sticks.  This is a way that you can celebrate your child’s birthday at school. 


ØParents can support the Spirit Stick program by making a donation to the Mother’s Club.  We will have a list of which Spirit Sticks the staff would like to have for the students.